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Students’ Union

No matter what LIT campus you study on, you will have an open Students’ Union Community to welcome you and to become part of.

LITSU Mission Statement

LITSU represent the students of LIT by listening, understanding and supporting their development.

This will be achieved by increased student engagement, advocacy, visibility, interaction to develop & nurture an innovative and creative environment where students can flourish and reach their full potential.

Why is there a Students’ Union?

College can be tough going, days can be long and so many other personal matters can pop up on top of it all. This can be an overwhelming combination.

The Students’ Union is here to support you. We will offer you a safe space to chill out amongst this madness, a space where you can talk/cry/laugh or rant with no judgement!

It is important to embrace your student voice and charisma. We are here to help you utilise your voice. We will help guide you in having a hell of a good time socially, while doing well in your studies!

How do we achieve this?

  • We work closely with LIT Student Services and help you find the supports you may need.
  • We sit on the main meetings with LIT Management such as Academic Council and Governing Body and represent the students, this is where the development of LIT takes place.
  • We are actively part of USI and represent LIT students nationally.
  • We facilitate Clubs and Societies, and host events for our students, these events aim to suit the interests of each specific campus.
  • We have a strong connection with LIT Class Reps. See more information below

How to get in contact with your Students’ Union Team

Overall President (Moylish)   
Ashling McGrory

T: +353 83 0403553     

Overall Vice President (Moylish)
Jade Foynes

T: +353 83 8570211

LIT, LSAD President (Clare Street)
Úna Cahill

T: +353 86 7759183

LIT, LSAD Vice President (Clare Street)
Paul Cashin

T: +353 61 293377

LIT, Thurles President (Thurles)
Niamh Foley

T: +353 83 8571983

LIT, Thurles Vice President (Thurles)
Michael O’ Connell

T: +353 504 28022

LIT, Clonmel President (Clonmel)
Ryan Burke

T: +353 87 7973231

Reception (Overall Contact)
Katie Brennan

T: +353 61 293135


The Diversity of Each Campus

Each campus of LIT, Moylish, LSAD, Ennis, Thurles and Clonmel are all vastly different. Each student community of these campuses brings something unique and special to LIT, as a Students’ Union and Student Community.

The Students’ Union are here to embrace and share this throughout LIT.


LIT SU Moylish

Moylish is the Head Office of LITSU with over 3000 students. LIT Moylish SU is based in Block 14, Hill 14/ Up the Hill. Upstairs there is Games Room, with Pool and Darts. We have Table Tennis and a Study/ Chill-out room, and a projector set up for movies.

Downstairs we have a computer station, Wired FM broadcast room, Baxter Story Café, a small dining area, microwave, Clubs and Societies meeting room and binding facilities for your assignment needs.

The SU offices include the Overall Accommodation office, Overall President and Vice President office and the Overall Reception- where event tickets can be bought, and many queries can be answered. Always feel welcome to pop up for a chat, help or advise!

The Student Centre, Hill 14 is open to all students with wheelchair access. It is a shared space with Careers, Sports.


LIT LSAD SU is a cosy spot by the Library. With bean bags, a sofa, a microwave, retro games and a piano that allows any hand to make a great tune! LSAD have a unique art college family community and the SU is in the heart of this. For some great, unique events, exhibitions and a holistic approach to supporting the students of LSAD pop into the SU.

LIT Thurles SU

LIT Thurles SU is the centre of student life on campus.  The SU is fun area to relax and chat between class. The SU office is just off the main corridor, a good place to get away from the noise. There is also the 2 Social Areas in the main corridor, here, you can play different games and watch TV.

The family and friendly atmosphere of the SU allows all students to reach their full potential .

LIT Clonmel SU

LIT Clonmel SU is located in B101 at the back of the main building. With a couple of couches, kettle and microwave, it’s a great little spot to relax and have a cuppa! Clonmel is a growing campus full of talented, creative minds and with a new full time SU on campus, the future is looking bright!

Class Representatives

Throughout the 1st six weeks in the new academic year, each class elects a Class Rep, this is a vital part of the experience of a student.

Class Reps are one of the most important groups in representing students and frontline in the changes made for students in LIT.

A Class Rep is a student Liaison with the SU and staff

They represent their classes allowing the SU understand the problems students are facing on a day to day bases. This helps us ensure the student body get the best possible educational, personal and development opportunities as a student in LIT.

Class Reps sit of Programme Board meetings, directly giving constructive feedback to course staff on behalf of the class.

A Class Rep is an ambassador for their class

They are actively engaged in student training events and in organising class-based activities.

Personal and professional skill development

Class reps are Leaders within the Institute. They operate on a voluntary basis to enhance the student experience and campus life. With this, comes new skills and experiences which offers the opportunity to strengthen their CV.

Extracurricular development during your studies such as; being a Class Reps and Active leadership in Clubs and Societies is a much-desired quality for many potential employers.

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies are always developing in LIT, on all campuses! They are set up and run by students and facilitated by the SU. They are fantastic way of making friends outside of class, gaining new skills and enjoying your time in college aside of lectures. As like being Class Rep, they are also a big part of creating a leading CV for potential employers.

If you have an idea for a society that you believe would be beneficial and fun for students, then don’t delay and get contact the Students’ Union. We will help you in stetting up and getting started!

LIT Sports Office offer all Physical Sport Clubs.

Societies in LIT

Please Talk Society (Moylish)

DJ Society (Moylish) (LSAD)

Music Society (Moylish)

Photography Society (Moylish)

International Society (Moylish)

LGBTQ+ Society (Moylish)(LSAD) (Clonmel)

Environmental Society (led by Thurles- all campuses)

Gaming Society (‘Tipp Soc’ Thurles)(Moylish)(Clonmel)(LSAD)

Wellness and Welfare

The Students’ Union delivers educational and awareness campaigns throughout the year to help students to manage personal issues including sexual and mental health, study support, accommodation, finance, safety, alcohol and drugs. These campaigns address different issues which quite often silent but real-life student problems.


Having a good time as a student is about 40% part of the ideal student experience, some may say more. The SU is passioned about balancing this with success in your studies.

The Students’ Union organises a wide range of entertainment events throughout the year. These vary from; on campus events, non- alcohol activities, Clubs and Socs and regular night out events. The key times in the year for such entertainment on all campuses are:

Freshers Week, Halloween, Christmas, Raise and Give Week, End of Year.

As students your ideas, participation and feedback are massive part of this. Tickets for events are available from your campus SU.