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Rob Laffan – CEO, TippyTalk

I wanted to study Industrial Automation and Robotics in LIT as the course has excellent employment prospects with 100% employment in recent years.

During my studies, I worked on touch screen technology and developed ‘TippyTalk‘, a robust touch screen device that transforms pictures into text messages, helping non-verbal people communicate to the world around them. My daughter Sadie (4) has autism, and the device enables her to communicate her desires, feelings and needs to myself and my wife Emily through the transfer of pictures to text messages. While my invention is not a cure or answer to all Sadie’s problems, the new touch screen line of communication has led to a huge improvement as she is happier and less frustrated.

For ‘TippyTalk’, I won the Engineers Ireland Innovative Student Engineer of the Year Award 2015 and Enterprise Ireland Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.

In March 2015, I filed a patent application for my idea and am currently in talks with Enterprise Ireland to develop and market the device.

For me, it started in LIT

Rob Laffan
CEO, TippyTalk

International society of automation individual Innovation 2014
Limerick person of the month August 2015
LIT Graduate 2015 – Industrial Automation and Robotics

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