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Michelle O’Connor, Social Care

I found completing my undergraduate degree in Social Care one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did the Applied Social Studies in Social Care degree further my academic and intellectual knowledge, but it also assisted my personal and emotional development which has aided me to work to support others in the social care field. Each Placement I completed during the course has been a strong presence in my CV which has led to employment opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible.

The opportunity I had to continue my education and do a Masters in Research in Social Sciences was something that I will always be grateful for as it has given me experience in building on a research area I have great passion for. The ability to create research to inform social care professionals working in the field was something I found powerful and can make a long term change. The staff at Limerick Institute of Technology also give you, as a researcher, the opportunity to inform a large audience of the research being done and recommendations you have found that can improve lives.

My supervisor and social science academic staff have given me support, guidance and ultimately the experience of a lifetime. I have presented at numerous national conferences and mentored other undergraduate students on choices post degree. I became the postgraduate society president in 2014 which has allowed me to advocate and collaborate with students and staff to create a positive educational experience.

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