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Lena Madden – Research Scientist & PhD Student Scholar of the Irish Research Council

I chose to study Pharmaceutical and Forensic Analysis in LIT, as this is the first and most reputable programme of its kind in Ireland.

Based on my final year project findings, I was awarded a prestigious government award to conduct PhD research into bio-nanotechnology. Bio-nanotechnology is the key functional technology of the 21st century. The possibilities of applications are endless and as such, it has become a hugely exciting field of research and an area of technology development.

The broad range of scientific knowledge and skills I have gained during my studies in LIT has allowed me to hold research positions in both microbiology and environmental engineering while awaiting PhD graduation.

My research involves investigating the enhanced antimicrobial qualities of nanomaterials and the nano-targeting of cancer cells for the detection and treatment of various types of cancer. I believe my research will open the door to the medicines of the future.

For me, it started in LIT

Lena Madden
PhD Student
LIT Graduate 2012 – BSc. (Hons) in Pharmaceutical and Forensic Analysis

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