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You are about to start college. You’re excited. You’re not really sure what you’re in for. However, that’s part of the experience — especially if you’re living away from home for the first time.
So, what’s college really like? It’s active. It’s social. It’s independent. Most importantly it’s about balance. You have to balance between work and play, friends and studies, family life and independence.

The LIT ENGAGE Programme is here to support your transition to Third Level. This programme is geared towards getting new students settled in and acquainted with other students and the campus. Together with your on-campus Student Leaders this programme provides you with the opportunity to actively engage in college life, get to grips with your course, join a club or society and develop your personal toolkit to live a healthy balanced and enjoyable lifestyle.

On each campus student leaders will be available to assist you by providing:

  • A welcoming and friendly face at the LIT Welcome Hub / Student Desk
  • Information about student services and campus life
  • Relevant updates on the ENGAGE programme
  • Assistance with IT skills by delivering support workshops
  • Real time updates and supports on student timetables
  • Information & assistance with financial matters (i.e. referral to websites, online resources and Fees and Grants)
  • Download the Insiders Guide


Each week is tailored with different events
to highlight and promote a positive start in LIT

Week: 4 Sept
Welcome Week

“Welcome Week,” is a time of multiple activities on and off campus. You will meet staff from across the college, get involved in Students Union Fresher’s week, meet your fellow classmates and by the end of the week have an overview of your course. Everyone’s a little apprehensive the first week, so it is the BEST time to make friends! You don’t have to go to every activity, but if something sounds interesting, check it out, and don’t be afraid to say hi.

Useful Links:

Week: 11 Sept
Engage in your College Life - Clubs and Societies Week


engage - divider image clubs socs

There are lots of great Clubs and Societies to get actively involved with on campus. Whether you are a sports enthusiast, enjoy being part of team, share a special interest or enjoy being engaged in the community there is a fantastic opportunity for all students to participate. Also, if a club or society doesn’t already exist you can set one up! Get involved this week, sign up, as this is another great opportunity to follow your dream and meet more new likeminded friends.

To get involved check out the below links

Week: 18 Sept
Fresher’s Fair - Class Representative Week

engage - divider image reps

Class reps are vital in ensuring that the student voice is heard on campus. A Class Rep provides an important link between his/her class and the Students’ Union, informing the Students’ Union of the concerns faced by students on a day to day basis. They act as ambassadors for their class and actively engage in organising class based activities such as social and training events. This is a fun opportunity to get involved in college life and to meet new people. For more information in the role and benefits of becoming a class rep please contact the Students Union Vice President at

Week: 18 Sept
Money Matters Week

engage - divider image money

Additional info sessions will be delivered on each campus this week to assist with financial queries in relation to grants and fees, student assistance fund etc.

Check out:

Week: 25 Sept
Academic Support Week

engage - divider image - class rep

Learning at third level is different to learning at second-level. The Learning Support Unit helps you to master the new academic skills and self-directed learning needed for your success LIT. The LSU delivers support around some core areas including academic writing, mathematics, researching, studying, note-taking, exam revision and a general, focus on learning support in all manners of academic advancement. This week you are invited to attend a range of workshops aimed at supporting your learning. See list of events here.

See: Learning Support

Week: 2 Oct
Health & Wellness Week (diet, fitness, sexual health and consent)

engage - divider image engage

Between study, exams and maintaining an active social life, many college students feel they can’t really find the time to keep up on their personal health and wellness until an illness catches hold and stops them in their tracks. LIT provides health care awareness and physical activities for students, so staying healthy in college is about as easy as it will ever get. This week make sure you engage with our health promotion activities to enable you to make the most of the resources at your fingertips to stay healthy and illness free throughout your time in LIT. Check out the weeks events here.

Week: 9 Oct
Mental Health Week – World Mental Health Day Oct. 10th

engage - divider image - mental health week

Mental Health week aims to improve awareness and understanding about mental health amongst students and staff. During this week there will be information stands on the street, informative talks, yoga and mindfulness workshops and social events. Did you know that students who look after their emotional, physical and social well-being have better educational outcomes! So get involved this week and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Week: 16 Oct
Career Start Week

engage - divider image - careers

Engage in your Career and possibly meet your future Employer this week! The LIT Careers & Further Options Fair will host over 70 employers. This is your opportunity to explore the vast array of career options available to you. Remember it is never too early to introduce yourself to future employers! See: Careers

Week: 16 Oct
LIT Ambassadors Week

Finding out about the options for third-level study can be a hugely interesting, stimulating and an enjoyable experience for most secondary-school students. Remember your first time in a third level college? Do you remember meeting friends, neighbours, students from your school when you came to visit? Well this week is your chance to be an ambassador for LIT and welcome schools from all over Ireland to join you in LIT to pursue the course of their dreams. So let’s celebrate together all that is great with our college.

Week: 23 Oct
Student Supports Week

engage - divider image councel

You have met us already, but remember LIT is a dynamic and interactive campus environment with dedicated and committed staff providing a comprehensive range of student services This week provides you with another opportunity to get to know all the services available to you so as you head into the Halloween break all your questions can be answered. Student Services will provide workshops, information stands and quick query sessions so please come up and say hello!

Download: Student Handbook (PDF)