CAO Courses


CAO Courses


Art & DesignCAO PointsCampus
LC504Creative Media & Design – BSc212Clonmel
LC517Creative Media & Design – BSc (Honours)246Clonmel
LC518Digital Animation Production – BSc (Honours)#802Clonmel
LC111Fashion & Textiles for Product & Costume – Higher Certificate#760Limerick (Clare St)
LC114Fashion & Textiles for Product & Costume – BA (Honours)#779Limerick (Clare St)
LC110First Year Art & Design (Common Entry) – BA (Honours)#718Limerick (Clare St)
LC502Game Art & Design – BSc (Honours)#741Clonmel


Applied ScienceCAO PointsCampus
LC260Applied Biology – BSc242Limerick (Moylish)
LC362Biotechnology with Biopharmaceutical Science – BSc (Honours)New for 2019Limerick (Moylish)
LC263Clinical Technology – BSc (Honours)New for 2019Limerick (Moylish)
LC266Drug & Medicinal Product Analysis – BSc (Honours)263Limerick (Moylish)
LC361Environmental & Analytical Sciences – BSc (Honours)New for 2019Limerick (Moylish)
LC408Environmental & Geographical Sciences – BSc (Honours)300Thurles
LC425Environmental and Geographical Sciences -BSc246Thurles
LC428Environmental Management in Agriculture – BSc233Thurles
LC434Environmental Management in Agriculture – BSc (Honours)299Thurles
LC268Medical Technology – BSc233Limerick (Moylish)
LC267Forensic & Pharmaceutical Science- BSc281Limerick (Moylish)
LC264Environmental & Analytical Sciences- BScLimerick (Moylish)
LC265Forensic & Pharmaceutical Science- BSc (Honours)357Limerick (Moylish)


Built EnvironmentCAO PointsCampus
LC248Built Environment (Undenominated) – BSc (Honours)302Limerick (Moylish)
LC251Civil Engineering – BEng200Limerick (Moylish)
LC252Civil Engineering Management – BSc (Honours)288Limerick (Moylish)
LC253Construction – Higher Certificate in Science198Limerick (Moylish)
LC241Construction Management – BSc (Honours)271Limerick (Moylish)
LC249Energy Management (Honours)New for 2019Limerick (Moylish)
LC340Interior Design (Honours)New for 2019Limerick (Moylish)
LC257Interior Design and Technology – BA238Limerick (Moylish)
LC242Property Valuation & Management – BSc (Honours)300Limerick (Moylish)
LC243Quantity Surveying – BSc (Honours)309Limerick (Moylish)
LC244Sustainable Building & Energy Engineering – BSc298Limerick (Moylish)


Electrical & Electronic EngineeringCAO PointsCampus
LC275Electrical Engineering – BEng (Honours) Ab Initio284Limerick (Moylish)
LC271Electrical Engineering – BEng241Limerick (Moylish)
LC376Electronic Engineering  – BEng (Honours) Ab Initio353Limerick (Moylish)
LC279Electronic Engineering – BEng221Limerick (Moylish)
LC375Industrial Automation & Robotic – BEng (Honours) Ab Initio309Limerick (Moylish)
LC276Creative Broadcast & Film Production – BSc 300Limerick (Moylish)
LC277Industrial Automation & Robotic Systems – BEng226Limerick (Moylish)
LC374Renewable & Electrical Energy Engineering – BEng (Honours) Ab Initio313Limerick (Moylish)
LC278Renewable & Electrical Energy Engineering – BEng215Limerick (Moylish)
LC371Creative Broadcast & Film Production – BSc (Honours) Ab Initio310Limerick (Moylish)
LC372Music Technology & Production – BSc (Honours) Ab Initio338Limerick (Moylish)
LC270Music Technology & Production – BSc327Limerick (Moylish)


Information TechnologyCAO PointsCampus
LC239Computer Networks & Systems Management – BSc (Honours)320Limerick (Moylish)
LC418Games Design & Development – BSc (Honours) in Computing269Thurles
LC236Internet Systems Development – BSc (Honours)308Limerick (Moylish)
LC235Internet Systems Development – BSc215Limerick (Moylish)
LC234Interactive Digital Media – BSc (Honours)255Limerick (Moylish)
LC233Software Development – BSc (Honours)272Limerick (Moylish)


Mechanical & Automobile EngineeringCAO PointsCampus
LC284Agricultural Mechanisation – Higher Certificate in Engineering201Moylish & Pallaskenry
LC281Automobile Technology – Higher Certificate in Engineering201Limerick (Moylish)
LC380Automotive Engineering & Transport Management – BEng (Honours)New for 2019Limerick (Moylish)
LC288Mechanical Engineering – BEng (Honours) Ab Initio301Limerick (Moylish)
LC285Mechanical Engineering – BEng240Limerick (Moylish)
LC289Precision Engineering – BEng (Honours)New for 2019Limerick (Moylish)
LC283Precision Engineering – BEng211Limerick (Moylish)
LC286Road Transport Technology & Management – BEng231Limerick (Moylish)


Applied Social SciencesCAO PointsCampus
LC292Social Care Work – BA (Honours)325Limerick (Moylish)
LC393Early Childhood Education & Care – BA (Honours)New for 2019Limerick (Moylish)
LC401Early Childhood Education & Care – BA (Honours)New for 2019Thurles
LC613Early Childhood Education & Care – BA (Honours)New for 2019Ennis
LC402Social Care Work – BA (Honours)307Thurles
LC602Social Care Work – BA317Ennis
LC603Early Childhood Care & Education – BANew for 2019Ennis
LC297Community Development – BA (Honours)280Limerick (Moylish)
LC612Social Care Work – BA (Honours)New for 2019Ennis
LC432Early Childhood Care & Education – BA232Thurles


Business & Financial ServicesCAO PointsCampus
LC224Accounting & Finance – BBs (Honours)307Limerick (Moylish)
LC221Accounting & Finance – Higher Certificate in Business252Limerick (Moylish)
LC230Business with Computing – BBs250Limerick (Moylish)
LC330Business with Computing – BBs (Honours)New for 2019Limerick (Moylish)
LC231Business Information Systems – BSc (Honours)298Limerick (Moylish)
LC223Law & Taxation – BBs (Honours)307Limerick (Moylish)
LC320Business – BBs (Honours)New for 2019Limerick (Moylish)


Marketing, Enterprise & Digital CommunicationsCAO PointsCampus
LC225Marketing & Management – BBs (Honours) Ab Initio325Limerick (Moylish)
LC220Business with Digital Marketing – BBs (Honours) Ab Initio309Limerick (Moylish)
LC226Enterprise & Innovation – BBs (Honours)235Limerick (Moylish)
LC411Marketing & Management – BBs (Honours) Ab Initio316Thurles
LC222Marketing & Management – Higher Certificate in Business299Limerick (Moylish)
LC614Marketing & Management – BBs (Honours)New for 2019Ennis
LC413Marketing & Management – BBsNew for 2019Thurles
LC604Marketing & Management – BBsNew for 2019Ennis


Sport, Leisure & TourismCAO PointsCampus
LC392Business Studies with Beauty & Spa Management – BA (Honours)New for 2019Limerick (Moylish)
LC294Business Studies with Event Management – BA (Honours)270Limerick (Moylish)
LC293Business Studies with Travel and Tourism Management – BA (Honours)290Limerick (Moylish)
LC298Culinary Arts – Higher Certificate in Arts260Limerick (Moylish)
LC299Hospitality Studies – Higher Certificate in Arts238Limerick (Moylish)
LC296Hotel Front Office Management – Higher Certificate in Business213Limerick (Moylish)
LC295Business Studies with Sports Management – BA (Honours)274Limerick (Moylish)
LC228Sports Coaching and Development – Higher Certificate in Arts270Limerick (Moylish)
LC423Sports Strength & Conditioning – BSc234Thurles
LC421Business Studies with Sports Management – BA (Hons)270Thurles
LC290Community Sports Development – BA223Limerick (Moylish)
LC420Sports Development & Coaching – Higher Certificate in ArtsNew for 2019Thurles
LC422Sports Strength & Conditioning – BSc (Honours)300Thurles